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At VoltMaster Services, we use a simple and straightforward approach to solving complex problems. Our team is highly skilled and uses the latest technology to diagnose and repair issues quickly and efficiently. We prioritise customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to ensure you are delighted with the quality of our services.

VoltMaster Services: Your Trusted Partner for Safe and Efficient Electrical Systems For Your Home & Vehicle

Our experienced professionals are equipped with the latest tools and technology to handle any electrical or security-related issue efficiently and effectively. We have got you covered, from repairing and installing car alarms to providing emergency lockout services. VoltMaster Services understands the value of affordable and timely solutions. We offer quick turnaround and competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Please feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. Trust VoltMaster Services to provide the expertise and peace of mind you need for your electrical and security needs.

At VoltMaster Services, we prioritise the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we have seen the dangers that outdated and faulty electrical systems can pose. That is why we are committed to providing high-quality electrical services to our customers.

The Importance of Hiring Certified Professionals for Home Renovation and Vehicle Repairs

Hiring experienced electricians and locksmiths is vital in keeping your home secure. These professionals are experts at their craft, using only modern specialised tools to guarantee no damage is done to your locks or doors during their work.

Hiring a certified professional for home renovation projects or vehicle repairs is crucial for ensuring the safety and quality of the work. Here is why:


  • Professionals have the necessary knowledge and training to handle potentially dangerous situations that may arise during renovations or repairs.
  • They follow strict safety guidelines and codes to ensure the project is completed without causing harm to themselves, others or the property.
  • The team can access the specialised tools and equipment for safe and efficient job completion.

Quality Workmanship

  • Only certified professionals possess the skills and knowledge to perform the job at a high-standard.
  • The team pays attention to details and ensures that your project goes smoothly.
  • The project is durable because they only use the best materials.

Time and Cost Savings

  • Professionals can complete the project quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • They can identify any underlying issues that may require attention before they become more significant problems.
  • They can also recommend cost-effective solutions for your project, avoiding potentially costly mistakes.

Legal Requirements

  • Certain home renovation projects require permits and must meet local building codes. Certified professionals know the legal requirements and can ensure that the project meets the necessary standards.
  • Vehicle repairs also require expertise and knowledge of industry standards, which certified professionals have.

Auto Electrician

The electrical system of your car plays an integral role in keeping you secure on the road. Anti-theft devices, tire pressure monitors, traction control, automatic braking systems and airbags all rely on a reliable power source to operate correctly.

Hiring an auto electrician to repair any electrical problems with your car is wise. These professionals possess the necessary expertise and know-how to identify and resolve issues quickly.

We Are Well-Trained

Modern cars contain complex electrical components that require specialised repair. They can diagnose and resolve issues like broken wiring, malfunctioning starters, and damaged ignitions. Auto electricians specialise in working with vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks, lorries and buses. They use specialised equipment designed to test for faults to rewire, repair, and maintain these wiring systems.

We Are Efficient            

Modern vehicles boast intricate electrical systems, necessitating the expertise of a trained specialist to repair any malfunction. Furthermore, many modern car technologies are directly linked to the electrical system - these must be regularly maintained for safe driving experiences. Car electricians work with cars daily and must know intimately about their electrical wiring. Their keen observation skills enable them to detect problems that others might overlook.

They must also know safety regulations and correctly use all tools and machinery to avoid accidents. Their superior problem-solving abilities enable them to quickly identify the source of any issue and address it promptly.

We Are Affordable

If your vehicle is experiencing electrical issues, a trained specialist should be able to resolve them for you. Whether there are warning lights on the dashboard or your engine will not start, these problems must be resolved as quickly as possible. The electric system consists of several parts, such as the battery, starter motor and alternator, plus wires connecting them all together. If these cables become damaged or malfunctioning, it could prevent your vehicle from starting or even stop it altogether.

Our mobile automotive electricians can assist if your vehicle would not start. Their truck is fully stocked with the tools necessary for diagnosing your issue, and they often repair many problems on-the-spot.

We Are Reliable

Hiring an auto electrician gives you peace of mind, as we have the training and expertise to repair electrical issues with cars. They know where to look and what needs to be done, allowing them to do it quickly. We can repair anything from fuses to alarm systems. Plus, they know exactly which parts need replacing to keep everything running efficiently. You can be certain that our trustworthy auto electricians possess public liability insurance to safeguard you in case of accidents. Furthermore, they should hold the appropriate business license to operate as motor vehicle repairers.


Hiring a trained locksmith is often the difference between being able to enter your home or office promptly and waiting hours. This is because they provide services around the clock and can respond to emergencies quickly. We can offer a quick solution for office or car lock changes in minutes. These professionals are certified and hold a license to practice in their field. Not only that, but they are also insured and bonded for added assurance. Hiring an insured and bonded locksmith will give you peace of mind, as their services will likely exceed your expectations. Furthermore, having insurance helps protect you in case any of their employees get injured while working on your property.

In conclusion, hiring a certified professional for your home renovation or vehicle repair project is crucial. They can ensure that the project is completed safely, efficiently, and to a high standard while saving you time and money in the long run.

Outdated Electrical Systems

One of the most common electrical issues we see is outdated electrical systems. Homes built before the 1980s may have outdated wiring that can be dangerous. If your home is older and your electrical system has not been inspected recently, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our expert electricians.

VoltMaster Services team has extensive experience in retrofitting old electrical systems. Only the finest materials are used to keep your system safe and compliant.

Electrical Emergencies

If you do not act quickly, electrical emergencies could prove dangerous. Call an electrician immediately for any electrical emergencies, including a power cut, shock or sparking wires. VoltMaster Services offers 24/7 emergency callout services.

Energy-Efficient Solutions

Our electrical services are just one of the things we do. We also offer energy-efficient advice for homes and businesses. You can count on us to help identify where energy can be saved and how you can improve your home with innovative technology.

Affordable Prices

At VoltMaster Services, everyone deserves a safe and efficient electrical system. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality electrical services at affordable prices.

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